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What I liked: "she was an excellent Dr, fully recommend her in every way! would go back to her again. thanks Mandy for being so thoughtful!!!
i have had her for my 2 pregnancies."

I went for: pregnancy

Patient who saw Dr. Mandy Nichols in Ashford Specialist Centre

What I liked: "she was a excellent dr - very thoughtful and caring. I had problems later in my first pregnancy and she was very caring about them in my 2nd pregnancy. fully recommend her!! she always was on time and on the odd occasion of being behind she always let you know. :) many thanks Mandy!!"

Could improve: "nothing - excelled in everything! thanks mandy!"

Patient who saw Dr. Mandy Nichols in Ashford Specialist Centre

What I liked: "his no nonsense straight to the point manner. He's confident with his diagnosis and knows what needs to be done with the patients best interest at heart."

I went for: Rheumatoid arthritishis

Patient who saw Dr. Gary Champion in Ashford Specialist Centre

"Dr Day was such a fantastic doctor, it almost makes me want to have another child! Ha! He is a supporter of natural birth which is what my husband and I really wanted and he gave us lots of advice and support on how to achieve this. Also his infectious sense of humour will be forever remembered."

Patient who saw Dr. Andrew Day in Ashford Specialist Centre

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