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What I liked: "Fantastic surgeon, very kind and caring. Rosemary is a great receptionist, cheers the room up"

Bev C. saw Dr. George Wong in Mr G Wong Specialist Practice

What I liked: "In a very professional way he explained to me that I had a life threatening situation. He suggested that I booked into SCGH that day (in January 1989) I think he appreciated my humour when I said I could not because I was on a 2 hours parking meter outside his rooms"

Could improve: "Nothing at all"

I went for: Frontal lobe meningioma

Patient who saw Dr. George Wong in Mr G Wong Specialist Practice

What I liked: "Is by all accounts an amazing surgeon but it's the nurses there that deserve praise for their kindness and attention to patients."

Could improve: "Uncaring and totally impersonal more or less told me it wasn't his problem as nerves were not yet compressed. I asked what my options were but he was totally disinterested and entirely unhelpful. He wouldn't even offer me a tissue when I broke down."

I went for: Opinion on herniated discs

Jess H. saw Dr. George Wong in Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

"Dr Wong has performed 3 surgeries for me now, one in 2009 left Carpal Tunnel, One in 2010 C7 and C5 decompression for a painful left arm, and 2 weeks ago my right hand carpal tunnel decompression. Dr Wong is such a great surgeon who explains everything so well, I would recommend him to anyone!"

Trudi-Anne G. saw Dr. George Wong

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