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What I liked: "Very patient and helpful. Highly recommended."

I went for: General check up

Patient who saw Dr. Tim Davis

What I liked: "Excellent Clinician"

I went for: General Paediatrics

Patient who saw Dr. Tim Davis in Monash House Paediatricians

What I liked: "Great bedside manner. Answered all of my questions. Was in theatre for c-section and I decided to see him for my son's 6 week checkup."

I went for: Newborn checkup

Patient who saw Dr. Tim Davis

What I liked: "Nothing. Facilities were good, but that was the hopsital, one he doesnt normally work at."

Could improve: "He was called in on a monday morning for a newborn baby. Came in the next evening, when he was seeing another patient already He spent next to no time with him and gave a looking over. Two days later the same. All up under 20 minutes with my son, then the bill came for $250. Completly inappropriate."

I went for: He was called in for my newborn son.

Patient who saw Dr. Tim Davis

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