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Dr. Richard Smith
Dr. Richard Smith

No, statins do not cause leg cramping.
Surprisingly, it's only just recently that this commonly held belief has been debunked and thus relegated to the category of NOCEBO.
The NOCEBO effect is when the pre-formed expectation of an effect creates an association with an unrelated symptom.
Call it "guilt by association" if you like.
It's a great relief to know that statins can be taken without regard to this incorrect association.
They remain unchallenged in their role of reducing vascular diseases such as heart attack and strokes

Dr. Farshad Ghazanfari   MD,FRACP
Dr. Farshad Ghazanfari MD,FRACP

Dry mouth is not a common side effect of bacrim
Common se are bases vomitting any kid is skin rash including hives sore tongue and sore throat dizziness

Dry mouth has lots of causes of which one is drugs
Could be sicca syndrome secondary to few diseases
Sjogen sarcoidosis and other rare diseases