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Dr. Joseph Jabbour
Dr. Joseph Jabbour

Hi there,

Clonac is Diclofenac which is a non-steroidal anti inflammatory. You can certainly take this in combination to paracetamol and codeine.
The combination of these medications can help alleviate the pain you may have, but it is always important that the pain is investigated thoroughly and managed if possible.
With any non-steroidal anti inflammatory, it's important to take with food as it can upset your stomach and may cause stomach ulcers.

All the best.

Dr. Daniel Martinez
Dr. Daniel Martinez

For mild scarring you may apply a solution of 3 different essential oils combined: Tea tree, Lemon oil and lavender oil, all diluted in a jojoba oil base. Apply in the morning only everyday. For example for 100 mls of Jojoba oil add 3 mls of the essential oils blend.

For moderate and severe scarring you might need some laser treatment to remove the scars plus the previous measure aforementioned.