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Often the GP themselves can do this. If not a dermatologist or possibly a plastic surgeon depending on the location, size and cosmetics of it.

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Dr. Juviraj Arulanandarajah



The most important thing about detection of skin cancers at an early stage is to find a Doctor with a special interest in skin, and one who has been trained in the use of a medical instrument called a dermatoscope. You should schedule a longer appointment with such a trained skin doctor and have a complete examination of your entire skin. This needs to be repeated on a regualr 6 or 12 monthly basis depending on your skin cancer risk. An alternative is an annual examination with a computer controlled medical instrument called a molemax or dermdoctor, this machine allows an assessment of the skin with a computer interpretation of the resulting images. Again this examination by molemax should be by a trained Doctor.

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Dr. Roger Bernard

Cosmetic Physician, GP


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