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No need to see an oncologist with DCIS, you need to see a breast surgeon ASAP.

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Thank you for your question. As you know DCIS is carcinoma in situ meaning it has not fully turned malignant yet. In layman's term I tell my patients it is like a tumour that is thinking of becoming malignant but not done so yet. Of course if left untreated it will become a full blown cancer or malignant. So DCIS is not usually treated with radiotherapy (not needed) but surgical excision. However it is a multifocal disease and if one area with DCIS is removed there is likelihood to have another area starting DCIS later. So to answer your question yes there is a chance for it to come back. That is why some breast surgeons suggest that the patients with DCIS have a mastectomy. As I mentioned because there is no need for postoperative radiotherapy these patients are the best candidates for immediate breast reconstructions (ie at the same time as the mastectomy). Hope this was helpful with your query.

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Dr. Andre Safvat

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