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Antibiotics like minocycline (as in Akamin) and oral vitamin A therapy like isotretinoin (as in Roaccutane) are commonly used for moderate to severe cystic acne. Hormone treatment with the anti-androgen plus oestrogen such as in OCP like Diane are also an option in females. These systemic treatments take some time to work well, a variable that may be 1-4 months, according to the treatment and the specific dose used. I would not write them off as 'not working' for your daughter unless I was satisfied that an adequate therapeutic trial was allowed - both dose and duration - sometimes a trial is inadequate and limited by the emergence of side-effects. Prescription compound creams can include many ingredients that target the obstructive cause and inflammatory consequences of acne, and together with in-clinic treatments, will avoid any risk of systemic side-effects such as you express for Roaccutane.

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Dr. Francesco Barbagallo

Cosmetic Physician


Once there is scarring it can be difficult to reverse, however there are a number of modalities that a dermatologist may be able to utilise to remove, or at least reduce the scarring. This can be expensive however, and is not generally covered in the public system. You would need a referral from your GP to see a dermatologist.

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Dr. Chris Briggs


Burleigh Waters

Acne is a common condition. Particularly among teenagers. Pores of the skin blocked with thickening sebum. Common skin bacteria leads to inflammation and "pimples". Left untreated will leave the scars. Aim of the treatment is unblocking pores and prevent new acne formation. Recommend to see your GP or in severe cases will need to see Skin Specialist.

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Dr. Mark Vic



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